Job : Recruiting: What every good candidate should know.


Remote work requires that your new employer asks for photos of our home workstation.


An employer has a legal obligation to ensure that your home office is safe. The ‘Guide d’encadrement du télétravail [Remote working guide] of the ‘Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés’ specifies that, with the employee’s consent, an employer can for example, “ask for photos of the work station, make a virtual visit of the space, send someone to install the required equipment, or if necessary, make an in-person inspection where circumstances require it”. That being said, this check should be done in a way that respects the employee’s right to privacy.

It’s not worth it! In pandemic times, vacancies are rare.


Sure, full-time jobs are still down slightly in Canada, compared to February 2020 just before the health crisis hit. Still, several areas – health for sure, but also IT and construction, among others – are facing significant labour shortages. According to Éric Caire, minister responsible for Government Digital Transformation, we’re talking about some 4,000 positions a year in the information technology and communication sector (ICT), and that’s just in Quebec.


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